Environmental Responsibility

As a company we strive to ensure that all our activities are environmentally friendly.


Today, more and more companies are taking a closer look at their production methods and the impact they have on the environment. This, in turn, has a direct effect on the company’s sustainability – not only does the term “going green” encourage us to recycle, but it also drives companies to improve their productivity with the likelihood of reducing costs.

Recently we have replaced all printed company literature by the use of e-mails, including order acknowledgements, invoices and newsletters, to reduce paper usage and of course to save the cost of postage.

HP Eco Solutions – Trained Printing Company

Eco Solutions training is focused on reducing the environmental impact of their graphic printing with HP technologies and on how they might improve the environmental performance of their printing operation overall.

Canwill Scales & Labels strives to recycle and use recycled products wherever possible. 

We are extremely proud of our track record and in the future we will continue to implement policies that have a positive impact on our environment.


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